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Mike James Dog Training Reviews

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Mike James Dog Training Review #1: Well-Known Veterinarian

Mike James Dog Training Review Veterinarian

“This is a SUPER way to learn how to read body language. Recommended reading for both dog owners as well those who want to be able to predict how an unknown dog may behave.”

– Shore Veterinary Behavior Solutions

Mike James Dog Training Review #2: Marcia

Bar-Free Masterclass Review Mike James Dog Training

“I finally got the time to start reading the material. Just starting to put them into practice and the results are nothing short of a miracle. Lady is 14 years old; we adopted her at 9 so many of her habits were deeply ingrained. Just acknowledging her protective nature was positive. Waiting to give her a treat until she settled down kept her quiet for hours. She is also dealing with the family grief after my husband’s death.”


Mike James Dog Training Review #3: Carol

Bar-Free Masterclass Review Mike James Dog Training

“It has now been one month of positive training. I am doing great with all your advice, no negative yelling ( I am no longer yelling no or stop it) I only tell them QUIET and they are being quiet 9 out of 10 times. My family and friends have noticed the difference too. By the way, I have 5 dogs that were barking uncontrollably, this positive training is working well, and my dogs are quiet when they are told to be quiet. I am amazed at the difference positive reinforcement has made. Thank you so much, wish I had done this sooner. Will keep you updated. You can use this update in your advertisement. Very satisfied multi-pet owner.”


Mike James Dog Training Review #4: Mindi

Potty Accidents No More Review - Mike James Dog Training

“I bought the lessons and promptly read the first two. Haven’t gotten to the rest yet. I am proud to report, my babies haven’t had any accidents that I’m aware of since I blocked them from getting to the area they were using. I’m giving them treats at the potty site, and they are completely responding. Thank you so much for your help!!!! I’m ecstatic!!”


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